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CHAIN DISPLAY Hangs vertically or horizontally. About 9 feet long and holds at least 10 or more baskets.


-Takes up no floor space.

-Approximately 9 feet and can hold up to 10 baskets vertically or horizontally.

-Sturdy metal and decorative.

-The chain comes with approximately 10 S-Hooks that are especially designed to hold our baskets.  

(The hooks have one small side to clamp onto the chain and one large side to easily hold a basket.

-The chains can hang from a ceiling, a nail on a wall, or hook to itself for easy installation anywhere and can be moved around your store easily.

-Chains can be split in half or multiplied to show lots of baskets.

-Please be careful to make sure the hooks are not in trafficked areas as we take no responsibility if any accidents should occur.

-Add old world charm to your store.

-Please mention your interest in the chain display when placing your order as the display is not automatically shipped with your order.